World Breast Cancer Statistics

1,7 million

annually in the world of new cases of breast cancer

The survival rate of cases of breast cancer for 5 years



EU countries




stage 1 diseases
of the total number

Statistics of oncological breast diseases in Ukraine

16 thousand

annually new cases of breast cancer

1 of 5

diseases in women – breast cancer

5 800

women in Ukraine die annually from breast cancer

40% of patients

women of working age

every 5th death

caused by too late trip to the doctor

incidence rate over the past

has grown
* the number of cases does not cover the data of Donetsk, Lugansk regions, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol

Risk factors

Cancer prevention

Physical activity
vitamin D intake
Healthy food
Medical preventive examinations
Regular examination
Mammography for women over 40

Modern diagnostics

Today, mammography and mammary glands ultrasound are the main methods of diagnosing breast diseases.

Mammography is a radiographic examination of the mammary glands through the use of mammographer. The use of mammography can detect tumor masses before their clinical implications. In other words, when they cannot be determined by palpation. A mammogram can show a small number of calcium deposits in the mammary glands which can be a precursory symptom of cancer.

deficiencies and contraindications of the X-ray mammography unit


With radiographic mammography, the patient is exposed to x-ray radiation.


It is strictly forbidden to screen patients on x-ray mammography during pregnancy and lactation.


In case of detection of breast cancer at an early stage, further x-ray examinations may lead to an increase in the rate of division of cancer cells.

Ultrasound disadvantages


It can be used in the diagnosis of cancer, but in about 50% of cases, the results obtained are erroneous.


It does not give an opportunity to assess the condition of the milk ducts and reveal small tumors on their inner walls.


Does not reveal calcium lesions in the chest.